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H.G. Houghton (L)

145 Witherspoon Street was originally built by H.G. Houghton & Sons and is owned and managed by Nassau Street Corporation, a company of the children of the firm's founders, Jill Mudge and Doug Houghton.

A descendant of John Hart, a New Jersey delegate to the Second Continental Congress and signer of the Declaration of Independence, Harold George Houghton was a mason and owned the Lawrenceville Quarry on Van Kirk Rd. He founded H.G. Houghton in 1919 and was eventually joined by his son, Oliver, a Syracuse educated civil engineer and building inspector.

Oliver Houghton

H.G. Houghton & Sons built and renovated over 400 homes and office buildings in and around Princeton, NJ over a fifty year period. Their impact on the architecture of the area was significant and houses they built are still referred to as “Houghton Colonials” in real estate circles. In addition to 145 Witherspoon Street, some of H.G. Houghton & Sons office buildings include 66 Witherspoon Street, 228 Alexander Street and 221 Witherspoon Street.

Carrying forward the traditions of H.G. Houghton & Sons, Nassau Street Corporation remains a family run business that prides itself on offering quality and affordable rent to tenants. 145 Witherspoon Street is the perfect space for a small business or an entrepreneur. We encourage you to schedule a visit and make 145 Witherspoon your Princeton office location.


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